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    Tambur fibra optica - Portable Fiber Optic Storage Reels

    sudura fibra optica

    Timbercon deployable reels offer a number of advantages for applications requiring long fiber runs, temporary connections or easy storage and transportation of long, bulky cable assemblies. Developed to work in conjunction with tactical, multi-fiber and outside plant type assemblies, Timbercon's deployable reels utilize rugged metal construction with a number of user accessible features to facilitate the rapid deployment or recoil of any fiber optic cable assembly.

    Timbercon deployable reels are heavy duty, hardwearing and provide connector and cable protection when they are not in use. The use of deployable reels also prevents handling damage and allows for cable testing to be done on the reel prior to installation.

    Deployable reels are available in multiple sizes, configurations and mount types to suit a wide variety of applications and cable assembly types. For application specific requirements, Timbercon deployable reels can be easily customized to provide an ideal, projectspecific solution.

    sudura fibra optica sudura fibra optica
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